DIA Price Basket Project was launched by DIA China through its store chain in China.

The prices of near 100SKU products under the project sold in DIA are lower than the average prices of non-promotional products sold in the convenience stores and supermakets near DIA stores within the distance of 5-8 minute by walking all the year around. Products include daily commodities, beverage, personal care and things necessary for people’s daily life.

Customers can easily find these products with striking indications: blue tags on the shelves, signage on the floor and in-store poster, in all DIA stores.

This act is to response the customer’ increasing demand on prise while sticking to provide high quality products and service which is in line with DIA’ s core mission as always. DIA will keep a close eye in the market and make sure the products of the DIA Price Basket are competitive and in season in the market.

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